Strawberry-infused Vodka!

The other day, A and her boyfriend hosted a BBQ for his birthday. I [it’s me, J!] had already discovered this amazing (and easy!) recipe a few days earlier and thought it would be a great idea for the party. Thanks to Tracy of Shutterbean for the heads up! :)

Did I mention it’s easy? Cut up strawberries, throw them in some jars…

Then add some vodka all the way to the top…

Seal them up tight, put in the fridge for 3 days, turning the jars a few times a day so the stuff doesn’t settle (that’s definitely a technical term). Then (no picture of this, sorry), strain the strawberries and the liquid through a strainer and then a very fine strainer (or I used a piece of cheese cloth), and voila! Strawberry-infused vodka! It smells like Jello-O when you’re done! You’re going to want to taste test this right away, so please, go for it. Either on ice, or I brought a bottle of tonic water to the party so people could mix it up a bit. Awesome, right?


[A] + [J]
photos by [J] 

*I must make one amendment, my very smart friend Laura pointed out that the strawberries that you strain out could be frozen and saved for future drinks to use as ice cubes! Maybe so they don’t stick together, you could put one in each slot of an ice cube tray before filling up with water. As they melt, the vodka would seep into your drink! GENIUS! [J]

**Disclaimer: don’t let the kids get into this ice cube stash!


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