Obsession to the max…

There is no stopping me. Sometimes a new album comes out and it just never leaves my ipod, CD player (yeah.) or computer playlist. I want to listen to it day and night, blast it in my car and sing along at the top of my lungs (coincidentally, I get really happy when I see random strangers rocking out by themselves while driving).

Right now it’s these guys. The Civil Wars are so amazing, it’s crazy.

I’m not even talking just this album (which is called Barton Hollow, and is only $5 on Amazon for the month of July, by the way), I’m talking any song I can get my hands on through YouTube or live recordings. EVERYTHING they do is so good. If you are remotely a fan of folk/indie music, I think you’ll be down with this awesomeness.

Here is one that’s not on the album, but great nonetheless: Oh Henry

And if you’re into photography, you can follow the TCW tour photo diary, shot by photographer Allister Ann. The photos are MUY EXCELLENTE!
I highly advise ya’ll to ch- ch- check it out! You can thank me later.

photo and post by [J]


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