Oh my

My oh my… where does the time go? I have been meaning to post but have been so busy these last few days. So here’s a recommendation that I’m kind of obsessed with (is this becoming a theme?)

I like to cook, but that doesn’t mean I do it very often. Sometimes it’s expensive, sometimes there’s just not enough time (like the last few days), but when there is time and when there is (some) money, I’ll do it up right and try to find a yummy recipe to eat with a friend or two. Which leads me to the last book I read (back when I had some time to read).. It’s called “A Homemade Life” and it’s written by Molly Wizenberg. Very well written and there’s a story behind every recipe (did I mention a recipe in each and every chapter too!) I was captivated, but maybe it’s because I’m one of those people who can read recipes like novels. Even if i’m not in the kitchen. I like to read over every ingredient, think about whether I have it in my own cabinets, or where I can get it, imagine each step in my mind and then I imagine a kitchen table full of friends eating up every last bit of it. Dinner parties in my mind. There, I said it. I’m going to have to find some time for it, make it a reality, with real food and real friends and REAL eating. Ok, goal for next week: make a meal for me and at LEAST one other person. (A, I might be looking at you)

Back to the book! Molly Wizenberg runs a food blog! It’s called Orangette, and I actually hadn’t even heard of it until I picked up her book a few weeks ago at Skylight (indie bookstore plug), but I’m very glad I did and now it’s full of dog-eared pages. Recipes that I will share with you, I’m sure, in future posts! Go forth! Read!

(Look at all those dog-eared pages! Yummy-ness!)

photos and post by [J]



Happy Friday! My friend, Kristina, has just launched a fresh new social media site that focuses on food & drink, unlike anything you’ve seen before. (currently in beta)
Foodies, please check it out! http://www.glutto.com

Here’s her M.O.:

[pronounced GLUH’-toe – rhymes with What? Oh!] this site answers the question, “What are the best eats & drinks…for me?”

Our mission is to help you enjoy the best foods & drinks based on your specific tastes and interests (eating habits, friends, movies, tv shows, travel, etc.) by providing you with a clean, simple-to-use site.

The platform we developed allows all types of food & drink-related businesses (from hole-in-the-wall eateries to international chains) connect with their appropriate audiences.


Obsession to the max…

There is no stopping me. Sometimes a new album comes out and it just never leaves my ipod, CD player (yeah.) or computer playlist. I want to listen to it day and night, blast it in my car and sing along at the top of my lungs (coincidentally, I get really happy when I see random strangers rocking out by themselves while driving).

Right now it’s these guys. The Civil Wars are so amazing, it’s crazy.

I’m not even talking just this album (which is called Barton Hollow, and is only $5 on Amazon for the month of July, by the way), I’m talking any song I can get my hands on through YouTube or live recordings. EVERYTHING they do is so good. If you are remotely a fan of folk/indie music, I think you’ll be down with this awesomeness.

Here is one that’s not on the album, but great nonetheless: Oh Henry

And if you’re into photography, you can follow the TCW tour photo diary, shot by photographer Allister Ann. The photos are MUY EXCELLENTE!
I highly advise ya’ll to ch- ch- check it out! You can thank me later.

photo and post by [J]