Hey! You’re part of it!

If you know what the line from the title of this post is from, then you get 10 bonus points from me. When I was in college (an undisclosed number of years ago), I was a pretty big fan of an excellent band called Piebald. Their album “We Are The Only Friends We Have” was the soundtrack to those 4 years of my life, and many of my college buddies will attest to this also. We were even able to catch them live a few times, including at The Fireside Bowl, a now defunct music venue/bowling alley in Chicago.

Anywho, the band has since broken up (in 2008), BUT… thanks to the magical world of Twitter, I discovered recently that 2 of the members are in another band! In LA!

Long story short (?), I went to see them last night, they’re called The Hunting Accident and they were really great. It made me happy to see Travis and Aaron rocking out just as hard as they used to in Piebald, and I’m definitely going to follow them in whatever music projects they take part in.

Also! Back to Piebald for a sec! There’s a documentary about their journey as a band and how they always did things on their terms. It’s called We’re Nobody’s Robots and I, for one, plan to check it out. Anybody seen it? Or anybody out there familiar with Piebald? Anybody out there in general?




Happy Friday! My friend, Kristina, has just launched a fresh new social media site that focuses on food & drink, unlike anything you’ve seen before. (currently in beta)
Foodies, please check it out! http://www.glutto.com

Here’s her M.O.:

[pronounced GLUH’-toe – rhymes with What? Oh!] this site answers the question, “What are the best eats & drinks…for me?”

Our mission is to help you enjoy the best foods & drinks based on your specific tastes and interests (eating habits, friends, movies, tv shows, travel, etc.) by providing you with a clean, simple-to-use site.

The platform we developed allows all types of food & drink-related businesses (from hole-in-the-wall eateries to international chains) connect with their appropriate audiences.


Obsession to the max…

There is no stopping me. Sometimes a new album comes out and it just never leaves my ipod, CD player (yeah.) or computer playlist. I want to listen to it day and night, blast it in my car and sing along at the top of my lungs (coincidentally, I get really happy when I see random strangers rocking out by themselves while driving).

Right now it’s these guys. The Civil Wars are so amazing, it’s crazy.

I’m not even talking just this album (which is called Barton Hollow, and is only $5 on Amazon for the month of July, by the way), I’m talking any song I can get my hands on through YouTube or live recordings. EVERYTHING they do is so good. If you are remotely a fan of folk/indie music, I think you’ll be down with this awesomeness.

Here is one that’s not on the album, but great nonetheless: Oh Henry

And if you’re into photography, you can follow the TCW tour photo diary, shot by photographer Allister Ann. The photos are MUY EXCELLENTE!
I highly advise ya’ll to ch- ch- check it out! You can thank me later.

photo and post by [J]

Strawberry-infused Vodka!

The other day, A and her boyfriend hosted a BBQ for his birthday. I [it’s me, J!] had already discovered this amazing (and easy!) recipe a few days earlier and thought it would be a great idea for the party. Thanks to Tracy of Shutterbean for the heads up! :)

Did I mention it’s easy? Cut up strawberries, throw them in some jars…

Then add some vodka all the way to the top…

Seal them up tight, put in the fridge for 3 days, turning the jars a few times a day so the stuff doesn’t settle (that’s definitely a technical term). Then (no picture of this, sorry), strain the strawberries and the liquid through a strainer and then a very fine strainer (or I used a piece of cheese cloth), and voila! Strawberry-infused vodka! It smells like Jello-O when you’re done! You’re going to want to taste test this right away, so please, go for it. Either on ice, or I brought a bottle of tonic water to the party so people could mix it up a bit. Awesome, right?


[A] + [J]
photos by [J] 

*I must make one amendment, my very smart friend Laura pointed out that the strawberries that you strain out could be frozen and saved for future drinks to use as ice cubes! Maybe so they don’t stick together, you could put one in each slot of an ice cube tray before filling up with water. As they melt, the vodka would seep into your drink! GENIUS! [J]

**Disclaimer: don’t let the kids get into this ice cube stash!